avispas essence

100% natural, 100% singular

Singulars, like you. Your naturality make you unique and this is how our shoes are. A handmade shoe by an elaborated and artisanal manufacturing process with 100% natural materials.

Quality at another level

One of the improvements of the new collection of avispas shoes is the supreme quality. Never before we have manufactured a shoe like this one. This is the quality that each of you have demanded. Shoes made with 100% natural leather in all its components. Patent leather materials, leather shoe lining, shoe plant in leather, leather details on the exterior and 100% cotton laces.

Agility and comfort

The new shoes concept of avispas has developed a new anatomical soft sole and light, leather lining and breathable in order to offer a greater comfort at each step. You will spot the difference!

The perfect height

Your wishes are orders! Yes, we do. We have elevated the height of the heel of our avispas shoes. We have designed a 3 cm heel that it will make you walk with style and always comfortable. This centimeter more than the previous design changes everything. You will love it!

The custom fit

The new shape will conquer you. We have heared all your opiniones and suggestions, for this reason we have developed a new shape that fits perfectly to the measures of yor feet, the long and the instep. All without giving up your style, your identity and the philosophy of avispas.
Singular shoes for extraordiary women.